Get general non-character information on a given noticeboard


Check that the item name is legal.
Copy the current value of the item from the relevant noticeboard.

There are currently eight items which can be returned. Most are from a common noticeboard area but GLOBAL_BASE is an address within the address space of the caller. Unless otherwise stated, all are integers.

CHAN = > Channel to open noticeboard file (zero if not open) DEFN_SIZE = > Size of definition part of noticeboard FILE_SIZE = > Size of noticeboard definition file GLOBAL_BASE = > Address of noticeboard start MODIFIED = > Total number of times values have been modified PID = > PID of owner of this noticeboard SECTION_SIZE = > Total size of noticeboard including data VERSION = > Software version creating file / noticeboard




ID = INTEGER (Given)
Identifier of noticeboard or of any item in the relevant noticeboard.
The name of the item to obtain. See the above list. Can be abbreviated so long as it remains unambiguous but this is not recommended because new items may be supported in the future. Case is not significant.
VALUE = Depends on NAME (Returned)
The items value. Declared as pointer to integer, but may be coerced to pointer to real.
STATUS = INTEGER (Given and returned)
The global status. Possible return values are,

NBS__BADOPTION Illegal item name

Prior Requirements

NBS_FIND_NOTICEBOARD must have been called.