Get a pointer to the noticeboard modified count or an item modified count depending on whether this is a structured or primitive item


Check that the ID is not NIL.
If the item is structured get the noticeboard modified count.
If the item is primitive get the items modified count.
Return a pointer to the appropriate modified count.

For structured items, this value is incremented each time an item in the noticeboard is updated.

For primitive items, if this value is even then the associated values are not currently being updated. If it is odd then they are currently being updated. The total number of updates to this item is half the value of the modified count.

An "update" is an update of an items value, shape or size.

Note that when item data is accessed directly via pointer then the modified count is not updated unless this is done explicitly using the NBS_INC_MODIFIED routine.




ID = INTEGER (Given)
Identifier of the item for which the pointer to its modified count is to be got.
The address of the items modified count.
STATUS = INTEGER (Given and returned)
The global status. Possible return values are,