Unmap a specified noticeboard


Check that the ID is indeed a top-level one.
Check that no items are currently derived from the top level of the noticeboard (not if the "FORCE" option is specified).
Unmap the noticeboard.
Free the local copy of the noticeboard definition.

Calls to this routine should match calls to NBS_FIND_NOTICEBOARD. After calling this routine, all identifiers associated with this noticeboard will be invalid. The noticeboard will only be deleted if no other process has it mapped.




ID = INTEGER (Given)
Identifier of the top-level of the noticeboard.
Option that governs whether to check that there are no identifiers currently derived from this one. Can be abbreviated so long as it remains unambiguous but this is not recommended because new options may be supported in the future. Case is not significant. Possible values are:

[FORCE:] Unmap the noticeboard regardless of whether there or not there are identifiers derived from this one.

[CHECK:] Check that no identifiers are derived from this one (assumed if invalid option is given).

STATUS = INTEGER (Given and returned)
The global status. Possible return values are,

NBS__NOTTOPLEVEL ID is not a top-level identifier

NBS__HASIDS Noticeboard has identifiers derived

from it

SS$_* System service codes from SYS$DELTVA (VMS only).