Change fill-style plotting attributes


Change the PGPLOT fill-style attributes.

This is an hidden ICL procedure that makes use of the CHANGE command.


fillsty fillsty [angle] [separation] [phase]


ANGLE = _REAL (Read)
The angle hatch lines make with horizontal, in degrees. Only used when FILLSTY is 3. [45.0]
The fill style used by PGPLOT. The fill styles are as follows:
  • 1 – solid fill,

  • 2 – hollow fill,

  • 3 – hatched,

  • 4 – cross-hatched

The must be specified on the command line.

PHASE = _REAL (Read)
The fraction of SEPARATION that hatched lines are displaced. Modifying this between regions makes their separation more obvious. This is only used when FILLSTY is 3.
The separation of hatched lines. The unit spacing is 1 percent of the smaller of the height or width of the view surface. Only used when FILLSTY is 3.