Clear plotting attributes


Clear or reset various PONGO plotting attributes. Several or all of these plotting attributes can be specified on the command line.




If TRUE, the plotting surface will be cleared. [FALSE]
If TRUE, the data arrays will be cleared. This can be useful if there is still unwanted data left in some of the data areas: for example, the READF command does not automatically clear columns that it does not read in. Even if the appropriate READF parameters have been set to 0 to inhibit reading error columns from the second file, the values from the first file will remain in the data areas. This behaviour is designed to allow columns to be read from separate files and combined in one plot. However, it can cause the automatic axis limit finding routines to appear to fail because of data left in error columns. This most commonly occurs when a file not containing error values is read immediately after one that does. [FALSE]
If TRUE, the data limits will be cleared and the data re-examined in order to determine the axis limits. This command is often necessary if a complicated function has been performed on the data using the CCMATH command, because the current PONGO parameters may no longer be applicable to the data. [FALSE]
If TRUE, the internal label list generated by the CURSE command will be cleared. [FALSE]
If TRUE, the AGI database is cleared for the current device. [FALSE]
The scale factor by which the errors are to be multiplied. (Can only be set when LIMITS are cleared.)

The value of the global parameter PONGO_ERSCALE is used. If PONGO_ERSCALE is not defined, the default value 1.0 is used.