E Changes

 E.1 This release (2.0-2)
 E.2 Previous release (2.0-1)
 E.3 Release 1.3
 E.4 Release 1.2

E.1 This release (2.0-2)

PONGO now uses native PGPLOT for plotting rather than the deprecated Starlink GKS PGPLOT. This should fix plotting and interoperability problems with recent versions of KAPPA.

E.2 Previous release (2.0-1)

PONGO has been considerably extended to now work from the IRAF/CL command language. To use this load the pongo package. The commands that are available are the same as when running from ICL.

Other changes of note are:

E.3 Release 1.3

PONGO has been updated to fix several problems with the BEGPLOT command. This now correctly selects the last AGI DATA picture when OVERLAY is set (so that for instance KAPPA images can be labelled), and avoids problems when selecting pictures using labels (which resulted in a runaway device open error condition).

If ICL is exited before closing PONGO (using the ENDPLOT command) a warning is now issued and an attempt to repair the AGI database is now made.

A bug in the ANNOTATE command has been fixed. This command now correctly handles the RACENTRE and DECCENTRE parameters.

All PONGO command descriptions now include a usage section. This shows the order of any positional parameters explicitly.

A new example procedure has been added to show the use of the VECT and PVECT commands and how to label astrometric projections. The AGI example has been expanded to show the results.

The routines PLOTFUN and FITCURVE have been changed to remove the NAG dependency of PONGO.

The FITCURVE command now fits a general, rather than a Chebyshev polynomial and now has the ability to fit B-splines. Both these functions can be re-plotted by the PLOTFUN command.

E.4 Release 1.2

The ability to plot labels of the form HH MM SS.S and DD MM SS.S has been added to the BOXFRAME command.

To use this just read in your positions in radians (the PONGO command READF already does this for you if the positions are in HH:MM:SS, DD:MM:SS format, or the DEGTOR command will convert columns from degrees to radians) and then use a command like:


This now uses the PGPLOT routine PGTBOX. BOXFRAME has also been modified to allow the use of the "1" and "2" option flags which force the labels to be all decimal or exponential format.

Other changes are:

The CHANGE command now supports hatched fill styles and sets the text background colour.
The INQUIRE command reports the hatched fill style and text background colour.
PLOTHIST histograms can now be filled.