5 Library Directory Names

For each library, a logical name of the following standard form:


should be defined to identify the directory in which user-accessible files reside. All other logical name and symbol definitions associated with the library should be made in terms of this single directory name, so that if the software is moved to another location, only the assignment of this name need be changed.

The library directory name should be defined in the system logical name table by means of a suitable command in the SSC:STARTUP.COM file, such as:

  $ DEFINE/SYSTEM LIBRARY_DIR <disk>:<directory>

This command will then be executed at system startup. Other software may test for the existence or non-existence of the directory name in order to determine whether the library is installed and available for use. The choice of name for the actual directory in which the software resides will be made by the Starlink Software Librarian, while the name of the disk will be determined by the System Manager who installs it.