Set an EMS tuning parameter


The value of the EMS tuning parameter is set appropriately, according to the value given. EMS_TUNE may be called multiple times for the same parameter. The following keywords and values are permitted:
Specifies a maximum line length to be used in the line wrapping process. By default the message to be output is split into chunks of no more than the maximum line length, and each chunk is written on a new line. The split is made at word boundaries if possible. The default maximum line length is 79 characters.

If VALUE is set to 0, no wrapping will occur. If it is set greater than 6, it specifies the maximum output line length. Note that the minimum VALUE is 7, to allow for exclamation marks and indentation.

Specifies the default error reporting level. That is a level below which EMS_RLSE will not go. It can therefore be used by environments such as ADAM to prevent any output by EMS due to unmatched marks and releases. This keyword should not be used in other cases.
Specifies whether or not ERR should treat its output unintelligently as a stream of characters. If VALUE is set to 0 (the default) all non-printing characters are replaced by blanks, and line wrapping occurs (subject to SZOUT). If VALUE is set to 1, no cleaning or line wrapping occurs.
Allows the user to display all error messages cancelled when EMS_ANNUL is called. This is a diagnostic tool which enables the programmer to see all error reports, even those ’handled’ by the program. If VALUE is set to 0 (the default) annulling occurs in the normal way. If VALUE is set to 1, the message will be displayed.

The routine will attempt to execute regardless of the given value of STATUS. If the given value is not SAI__OK, then it is left unchanged, even if the routine fails to complete. If STATUS is SAI__OK on entry and the routine fails to complete, STATUS will be set and an error report made.




KEY = CHARACTER ( ) (Given)
The tuning parameter keyword
The value to be assigned (see Description)
STATUS = INTEGER (Given and Returned)
The global status.


SZOUT applies to the case where EMS does its own output - i.e. when messages are reported or impending when EMS is at its base level. Normally output will be from the ERR package and is tuned by ERR_TUNE.
Some aspects of output for both ERR and MSG are controlled by EMS and its tuning parameters therefore ERR_TUNE and MSG_TUNE call this subroutine to set the EMS tuning parameters appropriately. This may result in interference.
The use of SZOUT and STREAM may be affected by the message delivery system in use. For example there may be a limit on the the size of a line output by a Fortran WRITE and automatic line wrapping may occur. In particular, a NULL character will terminate a message delivered by the ADAM message system.