6 Instrumentation Programming

6-1 TASK SUN/134.2
Guide to Writing ADAM Instrumentation Tasks

An introductory guide to writing ADAM “real-time” instrumentation tasks. This document includes a description of the ADAM tasking model and develops real-time concepts through a series of examples. It also describes the library of ADAM TASK routines.

6-2 NBS SUN/77.2
Noticeboard System

NBS provides a mechanism for the rapid transfer of large quantities of data between processes running on the same processor. It utilises shared memory in which a hierarchical data structure (a “noticeboard”) may be built and subsequently written and read by co-operating processes. Noticeboards are typically used in data-acquisition environments, but this does not preclude their use for other purposes. The data-structuring facilities of NBS are broadly similar to those of HDS (see SUN/92), although noticeboards have a static structure and are volatile.

6-3 MSP SSN/2.1
Message System Primitive Routines

These routines provide the low-level message-passing services upon which inter-task communication within ADAM depends. They will normally only be of use to ADAM system programmers or those developing real-time ADAM software.