1 Introductory Documentation

1-1 INTRO SUN/101.2
Introduction to ADAM Programming

A tutorial introduction to writing ADAM programs. This document is intended for newcomers to ADAM who already have a basic understanding of Fortran programming but are unfamiliar with ADAM conventions. The use of the most important facilities listed in this guide is illustrated, and a set of example programs is provided.

1-2 ADAM SG/4.2
The Starlink Software Environment

This document provides the most comprehensive overview of ADAM from the perspective of a typical Starlink user, covering both the running of existing applications and the writing of new ones. It contains essential introductory information for those new to ADAM, as well as reference material for the more experienced. Since it is a large document, it cannot be updated very frequently, so reference should be made to the other more specialised documents in this guide if up-to-the-minute information is needed on a particular topic.