1 Introduction

This paper shows some examples of LATEX in action and should help you to get to know how to use LATEX effectively. Sample inputs to LATEX are shown on the left hand pages and the output they generate when processed by LATEX is shown on the opposite page. When starting to prepare a LATEX document, copy a skeleton such as /star/docs/sun.tex and edit as required.

These examples are just to enable you to get going quickly with LATEX and are not meant to be exhaustive. Also, I do not claim that these techniques are the best possible; only that they work. For serious users, there is no substitute for Leslie Lamport’s book “LATEX User’s Guide & Reference Manual". Copies of this book may be available for loan; ask your Site Manager. You should also read SUN/9 before attempting to use LATEX.

The methods shown in this paper were stolen from many sources. If you see a format in a Starlink paper that you like, you can always look in the document source in /star/docs to see how it was done.