Allow finer estimation of the noise levels in the time-series data


Specifies the number of time slices used to determine the noise level in a section of a bolometer time stream. If zero, then the whole bolometer time stream is used, and each bolometer has only one variance value. If non-zero, each bolometer time stream is divided up into boxes containing the specified number of time slices, and a separate variance is found for each box. This variance is then used for each sample in the box, so each bolometer ends up with a variance for every time slice. Negative values are interpreted as number of seconds, and positive values as a number of down-sampled time slices. Note, very small box sizes may produce unrepresentative noise levels, and there is a hard minimum of 101 on the number of downsampled time slices in a noise box. Also, if the number of time slices in the data is smaller than two times the requested box size, then a single noise value is used for each bolometer. [-15]