Specifies the largest scale size to be retained by the FLT model


Together with parameter "flt.filt_edge_smallscale" , this specifies the frequencies which the FLT model is to remove from the data streams, based on a range of requested spatial scales (in arcsec), and using internal measurements of the average slew speed. These will override parameter "flt.filt_edgehigh" and parameter "flt.filt_edgelow" . For example, suppose the slew speed is 100 arcsec/sec. We want to ensure that the beam is fully sampled, say 2 arcsec at 450um. That scale is crossed in 2/100 = 0.02 s, so we don t need frequencies in the data above 1/0.02 = 50 Hz in this case (i.e. internally it will set flt.filt_edgelow to 50Hz if flt.filt_edge_smallscale is set to 2 arcsec). Similarly, if we would like to attempt to preserve scales of 10 arcmin = 600 arcsec, we would want to keep frequencies that are greater than 1/(600/100.) = 0.17 Hz (i.e. setting flt.filt_edge_largescale=600 would translate into flt.filt_edgehigh = 0.17 Hz). [600 (for 450 um), 300 (for 850 um)]