1 Introduction

This is the revised guide on how to reduce, and analyze maps obtained with SCUBA using the off line SCUBA reduction package Surf [2] and the Starlink versions of Kappa[4], Figaro[5], Gaia[6], and Convert[10].

The easiest way of using these packages is to run-up Orac-dr, a general purpose pipeline for reducing data from any telescope. A set of data reduction recipes are available to Orac-dr for use when working with scuba maps, these recipes utilize the Surfand Kappa packages.

This cookbook makes no attempts to explain why and how, for that there is a comprehensive Starlink User Note (SUN/216) written by T. Jenness and J. Lightfoot, which properly documents all the software tasks in Surf, which should be consulted for those who need to know details of a task, or how the task really works.